At Christ's Table

Art & True Spirituality (23 pages) (2020)

By William Furioso

Art as an Essential Form of Worship including some Cautionary Thoughts for Christian Artists
Through his works of art, the Christian artist can “magnify the Lord” by “telling of His glory”, often without words, through reflecting on the attributes of God, which are “the radiance of His glory”. This is an essential form of worship which, like other forms of worship and prayer, can act as a bridge - a “Jacob’s Ladder”, as it were - in which a work of art can be used by the Spirit of God as - a door, or a window, or a portal - between the physical and spiritual realms, through which God can reveal Himself.

But in all his creative endeavors, the Christian artist must avoid “worshipping the creature rather than the Creator”, being ever aware that “the artist is not superman”, and that “art is not religion”. In order to truly “magnify the Lord”, the artist must view himself and his art from a consistent biblical worldview.


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