At Christ's Table

Aesthetics & Worldview (52 pages) (2020)

By William Furioso

Art as Perception & Expression of Reality - A Foundation for a Biblical Aesthetic - A Call to God-Centered Art

This essay offers a foundation for a biblical aesthetic by submitting simple definitions of the terms ”worldview”, “art”, “reality”, and “aesthetics”. The science of “Perception” is also discussed briefly along with the concepts of “perceptual set” and “predictive coding”, which are likened to the apostle Paul’s concept of “the renewing of the mind” - viz. to a biblical worldview.

The essay presents brief overviews of some branches of philosophy and various types of worldviews only to establish a context in which these things relate to art.

The essay discusses the focus and source of artistic inspiration in the material creation, our humanity, the attributes of God and the Person of God Himself.

The essay is a call to God-centered art, purporting that in the biblical worldview, God is Ultimate Reality; and that for the Christian artist, art is the communication, or expression, or reflection of one’s perception of that Reality; and that the attributes of God, revealed in His creation, in His written word, and in His Living Word, Jesus Christ, are the conceptual forms by which we perceive and communicate our expressions and reflections of God. Therefore, the purpose of the Christian artist is to communicate through works of art his perceptions of God and His attributes.


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